The Naming

After years of raging debate in the back (but not the furthest back) part of my mind, I have created a blog. I have never been one to fully embrace social media. I ponder the word choice for hours before I post anything on Facebook. I enjoy Snapchat and Facebook and Instagram and all of the other things my little sister all but signs me up for. I just post under protest. I suppose that it is less of an embrace of social media than it is the lack of courage in subjecting my thoughts to the perusal of others. And a blog is a more detailed portrayal of those thoughts. I love to write and when I write, it usually ends up lengthy—much longer than a Facebook post. A blog makes sense; it has made sense for a few years. Now, with the helpful encouragement of maintaining a mandatory blog for a class during my study abroad adventure to London, I have created a blog.

My family was a major part of the creation. My family is a major part in just about everything. For four days, I have considered every phrase from every movie, dinner conversation,  and advertisement a possible blog title. Apparently blogs on how to name your blog exist. Some of the options I considered for titles included (but are not limited to) Unfinished Letters, Expressions of Delight, Sarah’s Sweets, Measuring Sticks, Rhymes with Chimera (better for another Sarah), some sort of clever variation on the word Fairy Tales, and Further Up and Further In. I settled on Mayhappenstance.

I have long been a fan of the word mayhap. It is very rare that I discover a word or fact that my dear father does not know. For years, he protested the legitimacy of the word. He was correct to protest my use of the word, and I will admit that I do not employ the word like most people traditionally do. Every time I stumbled across the lovely combination of “maybe” and “perhaps”, I circled, highlighted, and ran to show my Daddy. I use it in many situations. Mayhap it will rain tomorrow. Mayhap you split that last piece of chocolate cake with me. One day, mayhap I will create a blog, successfully use the word mayhap, and achieve personal and potentially global peace. In that order.

So while my family discussed my passions and potential names for a blog, Hannah said,

“What’s that phrase you like that I told you to never say in college?”

“I bid you adieu.” I replied right away.

They laughed at me and somehow this provided the perfect segway to my fondness for “Mayhap”. And Hannah, my younger but not youngest sister, suggested, “Mayhappenstance.”

I find it fitting. I write with trepidation, afraid to let my thoughts be seen. I wonder about the possibilities. Probably, possibly, and maybe are almost themes in my life at the moment. I journey through college with a wealth of options. As I figure out what actually comes out of “Mayhap…” there will be many happenstances. These happenstances will find a home on the electronic pages of this blog.

And so I combine two combinations. Maybe, perhaps, happen, circumstance. Join me on the journey through this process of Mayhappenstance.


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