My Pot of Gold

The buildings came alive before us. The light from the cloudy sky caught the gold that crowned these queens and kings. It was their favorite hour. And so, they danced. Their song and game has continued for centuries.  Their banter is witty. Westminster Abbey responds to Big Ben. Buckingham Palace joins in the grand conversation, but from just far enough off that it laughs from a distance. The Eye watches, and they watch it. Each structure knows that it is beautiful. That it stands unparalleled. Yet each also admires, even envies, the strengths of the others. They need each other. They know that. What would Big Ben be without Parliament? It would seem grotesque in its grandeur. Overdone.  Together, they work as a masterpiece.


And although they stun, even these strongest, most enduring buildings are no match to the nature surrounds them (despite their idea that they surround the nature). The river that was there long before they were constantly runs. The rain that pelts their faces reminds them of their lack of power. The wind that whispers secrets wears them down.

One day, these too shall pass. But for today, the buildings stand strong. They are powerful. My friends and I, like millions of others, strained our necks and crossed the street below them. We did not spend the time they demand in study of them. We just stole a glimpse. And since we were alone, much to the towers’ dismay, we were just as caught up in crossing the street without getting hit as we were with taking pictures starring them. It may have been due to the fact that we were singing songs from The Lion King instead of remembering to look the opposite way, but we ended up barley making it across from one side of the street to the other. Just as we managed to just reach the edge of the powerful Westminster Bridge, I threw my head back in laughter. And then, I gasped.

Just beside the shining tower and all that glittering gold, a rainbow adorned the heavens. It peaked through the clouds. It was beautiful. The moment passed quickly. The clouds changed. The sky continued its dance. But for a moment, the beauty was mine to behold. And it was glorious. It was a reminder that this promise and power of God truly stands unparalleled.  This beauty divine will never change. It will always amaze.



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