Train Thoughts

 A train carries us from one place to the next. The sights we pass along the way are beautiful. They fill and overfill every sense. But distractions within the confines of the train are powerful and cause many to forget to look, forget to appreciate. Sometimes the way can be bumpy. To the passenger who has not traveled the path before, the curves are unexpected. They cause one to hold on, even if they are prepared for the turns. Some curves catch all, the attendant who has served for thirteen years and the wide eyed American visitors. But despite the joys and difficulty of the labor, the end result is worth the journey—the journey is worth the destination.

Training is very similar to trains: training for a race, training for a battle, training for a game, training for a song, training for an exam, and training for life. Training for something carries us from a place of inability to one of success. We pass beautiful moments along the way, but only appreciate them if we pause to notice. The way is certainly full of bumps and curves that are both expected and unexpected. And while the journey may seem long, the destination is worth it. And many times, the journey is the best part of all. 



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