Dance with Him


He bows. He humbly, sacrificially asks for your hand. He could have chosen to dance with a much better partner, someone perfect by His own creation, but he chose to dance with you—the sinner. The one sure to step on His toes. The one positive to leave before He’s ready. The one to stray left when the dance calls for right.

He asked you to dance, and when you say “yes” He takes your dirty hand in His scarred and Holy hand. He guides you. He lifts you up and turns you upside down. He spins you around and around and the only way to keep from getting dizzy is to focus your gaze on Him. He teaches, and as you learn, He is able to teach you more difficult swirls, more dramatic tosses and catches. Sometimes you are launched so high that you are sure the fall will hurt. But He always catches. And He knows exactly when you just need to be held close in a slow, steady, melodious slow dance. Close enough He’ll hold you that you can hear His heart beating. His heart is beating for you.

Through the entire dance, gaze upon His glory. With this as the focus, you will not even notice that you are actually moving. But you will have moved, along the path God has designed for you. You will see where that difficult swirl helped you leap over that obstacle that before loomed large.

One day, maybe a man engaged in his own dance will look over, following God’s gaze, and see you. As the song shifts, he might slowly approach. He may want to dance with you. But before he cuts in, He will have to ask. Ask your current partner—God.

Sometimes, God may say “no.” He might not explain the reasons to you, or even to the gentleman asking. But they are sure to be perfect reasons. He might know that the asker is a foot stomper, or one that would discard you for another too soon, or worse, not treasure you during the song. Or maybe God just wants to dance with you alone a little bit longer. And that will be fine. Because your eyes are fixed on His beautiful gaze.

God just might say “Yes! You may dance with my princess.” A dance laden with laughter might commence; it might last. But God may ask you, or the gentleman, to say “no” even after you’ve spent some time swirling. Like melodies, plans will change. Goodbyes will hurt, but God still says “You’re spoken for.” Even when songs fade to silence, the dance remains lovely with God as your companion.

One day, the love and laughter might shift into a lasting duet. And that will be fine. Because your eyes are fixed on His beautiful gaze. God will never leave. He will still be there, such a significantly splendid part of the dance. You’ll all move in tandem— leaping, lifting, dipping, learning, and growing through life’s glorious waltz, together.

“One thing I ask of the Lord, this is what I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord and to seek him in his temple… Wait for the LORD; Be strong and take heart and wait for the LORD.” —Psalm 27



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