A Tribute to SAM 970

Inline image 1

Soaring above the land of the free
You saw history fly by
Eisenhower, the first president to fly a plane,
Boarded you, secret weapons installed
Never used, in the spring of 1960

Khrushchev and Kennedy, too
Flew around the world with you
Making friends, keeping peace
Soon you were demoted
Air Force Two

November of 1963
You carried Johnson
Kennedy was killed
With an oath inside, again
Instantly, Air Force One

No rest for weary wings
Peace demanded to be kept
With decoys, near Cuba you flew
First ladies redecorated
You didn’t retire ‘til ‘96

Now, in Seattle, you sit
People fly commercial planes
From around the world
To walk through your one hall
To admire those you’ve carried

Still fitted with a silver microwave
And a safe for nuclear codes
And props for presidents who liked practical jokes
Tributes to how life has changed
And how it’s stayed the same

You’ll answer to the name Boeing 707
You’re proud to bear the title “first”
They called you Air Force One
Now you’re a witness to history
But, to me, you’re Sam,
An American.Inline image 2


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