I Love His Hands

His hands shape my future
They hold my yesterdays
They’re strong, like my grandfather’s
They’re loving, like my dad’s

A doctor’s hand, they’re patient
A builder’s hand, they’re strong
Like an Autumn wind, they’re gracious
A Spring sunrise, they’re lovely as a song

As a girl, I joined with the chorus
And sang about His hands
When my whole wide was small
And I really believed He held it all

Friendships failed, loneliness entered
Pride crept in – middle school
With a firm grasp on my lunchbox
I knew He held my other hand

His hands made a human
He can stir the seas with a finger
I cannot understand, but I know
His hands are power

His hands gripped a hammer
With reverence, they held scrolls
They met the nail and hammer
To fulfill those words of old

His Holy hands are scarred
Wound round like a wedding ring
The only imperfection
Heaven will ever know

Not by my own strength
Not by any little thing
My own hands have achieved
But because, these hands reached down

Broke the barrier
Tore the veil
To love me
I love His hands


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