Sojourn in the Atlanta Airport

“The airports the one place you hear everyone’s life story,” one stranger remarked to another stranger before both began to outdo each other in sharing the stories they’d collected that day. These stories, and the stories I heard over a few days of delayed flights, reminded me of hope. The world is very much a […]

Waterless Waterfalls

Before anyone could have predicted the coming drought, in the span of my final four summer days, I went to five waterfalls, a wedding, and a funeral. On an August Thursday, I splashed behind a waterfall. At High Falls State Park, the waterfall quietly flowed. An intense stream, there was just enough room to breathe […]

Don’t DIY

We sat on the porch of their beach house, painting. My grandfather, master woodworker, had made me a beautiful trashcan to go in my big-girl room. It was just a bin for used tissues and clothing tags, but because he made it, it was crafted with supreme care. The quality wood would last for decades. […]