Blue Eyes, Black Eyes, and the Eyes of God

“Lord,” they answered, “we want our sight.” —Matthew 20:33  My blind Cognitive Psychology professor has been teaching us how to see. I took notes, astounded at the many motions at work allowing me to see the words I wrote. Light bounces off objects and hits the eye. That light goes through the cornea and the pupil. […]


The girl, maybe five years old, understood that this wasn’t the typical airport visit. She was the very picture of excitement. “Daddy’s coming!” She told strangers next to me in Gate A10. She held a poster. The simple words “Welcome Home Daddy” must have taken hours, if not days for her to color. Each childlike letter […]

Dance with Him

He bows. He humbly, sacrificially asks for your hand. He could have chosen to dance with a much better partner, someone perfect by His own creation, but he chose to dance with you—the sinner. The one sure to step on His toes. The one positive to leave before He’s ready. The one to stray left […]