I Love His Hands

His hands shape my future They hold my yesterdays They’re strong, like my grandfather’s They’re loving, like my dad’s A doctor’s hand, they’re patient A builder’s hand, they’re strong Like an Autumn wind, they’re gracious A Spring sunrise, they’re lovely as a song As a girl, I joined with the chorus And sang about His […]

A Tribute to SAM 970

Soaring above the land of the free You saw history fly by Eisenhower, the first president to fly a plane, Boarded you, secret weapons installed Never used, in the spring of 1960 Khrushchev and Kennedy, too Flew around the world with you Making friends, keeping peace Soon you were demoted Air Force Two November of […]

Villanelle for Friday

It was the darkest hour of all days The sky hung bruised Jesus on a cross, crucified His mother stood below in a daze Sin of the world hung transfused It was the darkest hour of all days Death itself, an execution of praise They killed “The King of the Jews” Jesus on a cross, […]

The Cares of a Carrot

There are things that amuse me, here in the crisper drawer. The imitation of my color on the baking soda box at first offended me. How dare they copy my glory? This color is all mine. Now, after three weeks here in the drawer, I am jealous. Was I ever that bright? How dare I […]